New System BSOD

I just built a new system. I have been having problems from the start.
The system:
Processor – AMD Phenom II x6 2.6GHz 1055T
MB – Asus M4A89GTD with USB 3
RAM – Gskill RipJaws 2x4GB DDR-3 666MHz CAS: 9-9-9-24
PSU – Antec EA750 750W
Video Card – Sapphire Radeon HD 5850
HD – Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB
Windows 7 x64

I have been getting BSOD (six crashes in 3hr. as reported by BlueScreenView). BlueScreenView reported two different bug check strings UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP and IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Both were cause by driver ntoskrnl.exe.
I ran Memtest86 v4.10 for 19h and 20m for a total of 11 passes and it found 0 errors.
Ran each stick separately through memtest86 with no errors.

I had it working all day yesterday. I even played need for speed for about 2 hours without a crash. I tried changing up the ram. I had them (before sunday) arranged the way the user manual told me to (the green slots in the linked pic above, I think they are actually white on mine) I took one stick out and only ran one (4GB) in the first slot for about 5 hours, no problem. Then I changed the stick out for the other one (Again only 4GB), again ran for about two hours to problem. Then I put both back in (8GB) but in the first two slots (the first green and then orange in the linked pic). It ran fine no crashes all day turned it on and off a few times too. Then I turned it off, wanted to watch how i met your mother, so I turned it back on to watch it. Ran for about 3 min and bluescreened. Restarted watched for about 10 min then another BSOD. Restart 5 min BSOD. Im wondering if its the motherboard. Do you have any ideas?
It was playing with VLC player seems to do the trick pretty well.

I tried disconnecting the video card and using the onboard one, made no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas? Do you think a RAM switch would solve my problem? I am pissed right now put all this money into a system and from day one it blue screens. I have the saved Bluescreenview if anyone thinks viewing it would help.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Is that pic the mobo inside the case all setup ? reson i ask is it dont look like the 4 pin power for the CPU is pluged in.

    Did you manualy setup your ram ? speed / timmings / volts ?
  2. Link your mobo and ram plz
  3. Did you setup the ram in the BIOs ? Do you have them in the right slots ? like 1 and 3 ?
  4. Yes, they are in 1 and 3. How do i set up the ram in the BIOs?
  5. Not sure On that mobo, does it not say anything in the Manual ?
  6. Not really, it talks about setting the DRAM Frequency and DRAM Timing Configuration.
  7. That would be your ram.
  8. I took a look at it everything was set to auto, I dont know enough about it to change anything.
  9. Anything else?
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