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Disable graphics acceleration in messenger 2011

How to disable graphic acceleration in Windows Live Messenger 2011,
XPS viewer in Internet Explorer and TVCenter 6 by Pinnacle?

OS: windows vista sp2
vga: SiS Mirage 3

In the link screenshots of this problem
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  1. Your link does not work.
  2. I try it and it work well
  3. It's not working for me.
  4. Have you a problem with megaupload com ?
  5. Link does not work here either, it just times out when you try and download the file.
  6. Hi, I downloaded nebulosa's screenshots from megaupload, I have the same problem in my windows live 2011 messenger too (no problem for previous version of windows live), also using vista SP2 and SIS Mirage 3 VGA. Anybody found a solution for this problem yet?
  7. Best answer
    Here is the complete procedure to disable graphic effects on WLM 2011: you will fix the problem for sure :)
  8. Cool! :bounce:
    Finaly a good solution.
    This work for me!
    I will sugest this to Microsoft.
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