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I need the video driver and the raid controler driver for my eopx EP8KTA2 Motherboard. I'm running Windows XP. Help and Thanks!
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  1. What is the make and model of your AGP or PCI graphics card?

    What RAID controller is installed on the EPOX EP-8KTA2?

    I know there is a VIA VT82C686B I/O Bridge chip on that motherboard but it only supports ATA-66/100 drives without any RAID functionality.
  2. Search for Via 686B for the Raid controller are you really running a RAID on that old motherboard? I may be wrong, but that motherboard doesn't seem to include an on-board video controller.
  3. Epox is gone AFAIK.
  4. I think EPoX went bankrupt in 2008, if I remember correctly.

    You can still get chipset drivers from the VIA Technologies, Inc. website.

    Device drivers for the discrete graphics card is available from AMD's or NVIDIA's website depending on which GPU you have.
  5. driver guide da tüm bios ve driver güncellemeri mevcuttur.
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