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Im going to upgrade my pc's Motherboard and cpu now i know what cpu i going to get its going be the i5-25k or the i7-26k what im having a hard time with is the Motherboard im going to be runing sli gtx 560 ti hawk.Im askng b/c i have never shoped for a Motherboard b4,so i dont know what Motherboard will be best to get to do sli on...my budget is $200 CANT go over that.will be buying from newegg.thx
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  1. Don't buy a mATX (i.e. micro ATX) form factor motherboard. The PCI Express x16 slot layout will cause the primary graphics card to run hotter when using two graphics cards in SLI or CrossFireX mode because the slots are too close together because of the limited board space.

    Since your budget is a firm $200 and lower look at the following motherboards that include a 2-way SLI bridge connector and have the proper slot spacing:

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