First time build - posts successfully but no video

Hey guys,

I finally got my computer all together only to hit another road block. This is what I have:

Antec Sonata III case
Antec earthwatts 500W PSU
mushkin silverline 1333 2x2GB chips
Intel i3 CPU
GT 240 Nvidia GPU
Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD
H55 G43 mobo

everything is hooked up save the Power LED, because it requires 3 pin and the mobo only has 2 pin.

Also, if I put both RAM chips in at the same time I get no beeps whatsoever. If I just have one chip it has that nice short single beep...but no video. I've tested with 2 different monitors.

no integrated video, and no 2nd card on hand either.

Any ideas you guys have would be much appreciated. Thanks
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  1. hey,

    yeah Ive gone through all the steps there. I believe it's put together correctly just because it's posting, but I'm not that technical savy to know what that means exactly.
  2. everything, but resetting the CMOS anyway
  3. ^ You are saying that it is posting right ? Means you are able to see the BIOS/ startup screen ??
  4. its posting right based on the single short beep from the mobo speaker. i have no vid. output
  5. any ideas what I should do?
  6. What port on your GT240 video card is your monitor plugged in to? HDMI, DVI or D-Sub? Fan spinning on the video card cooler?
  7. hey thanks for the help,

    the monitor is plugged into D-Sub, and the fan is spinning yes. I don't have a DVI cable to check.
  8. ^ Did you try "breadboarding" as in that sticky ? and just use the onboard video and not the video card...
    Are there any options in the monitor to select the source ? Check the OSD of the monitor...
  9. yes I did breadboard. I received the normal results from the speaker when I disconnected components, except for the 2nd stick of RAM. When that's in I get no beeps.

    I also don't have onboard video on this mobo.

    I've tried three monitors...however it could be all of them really. One was a TV, another an old CRT, and the last one I tested on another computer and found out it didn't work from the D Sub port. I'll be testing on a 4th monitor when I can. The TV port should work however shouldn't it?
  10. ^ Could you give the correct model of the CPU and the mobo...
    If it is an i3 CPU and a H55 board, then there will be onboard video...
  11. ^ It is sure to come with onboard video...
    The i3 530 has onboard video chip, when clubbed with the H55 boards, you can use it via the video o/p from the board...
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