Boot hesitation issue

Just built my new PC yesterday, and every time i start the PC (from the very first boot), it will boot for about 2 seconds and then shut off, then boot again perfectly fine. It only happens when I'm turning the PC on, not when rebooting, and apart form that initial shut down there are no other issues it presents.

Not worried, just curious as to what it could be.

i5 760 Dummy oc'd to 3.3Ghz (Corsair H50 Hydro cooler)
4GB Geil PC3 17600
Ati 5850
CoolerMaster 620W modulated PSU
G.Skill Phoenix 60GB SSD
Seagate 500GB
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  1. Something might not be seated correctly, check your RAM, CPU and all cable connections to make sure everything is seated fine.
  2. My desktop will do that only if it is unplugged and i plug it back in, it will boot for a second shutdown and reboot, I think it has to do with overclock settings and the PC thinking that the OC failed and it needs to reset it..
  3. If it was an unseated component, a) it would be causing other problems, and b) the occurrences would not be so specific or predictable. Regardless, I have checked anyway and everything is seated correctly.

    It ONLY happens when I'm booting from shutdown, it never happens when i reboot.

    As for the overclock... At the time of making this thread it had only been overclocked for about 2 hours. This issue has been going on since i first built the PC 2 days ago; before i had even touched the BIOS.
  4. Paid more attention, and when the PC boots successfully (after the initial hesitation), during POST i get 2 short beeps, a pause, and then another beep (2-1). Not sure if it's a beep code though, I can't find any info at all and it seems too short to be a code.
  5. Actually you may want to look into that. Three beeps is a beep code.
  6. Not with a pause though, there's a very distinct pause between 2nd and 3rd beep.

    Everything is fine apparently, contacted EVGA and the restart is the BIOS checking and testing the settings before booting with them. As for the beeps, the 2 beeps indicated the BIOS loading, and then after a pause it beeps once for every USB device connected.
  7. did this ever get fixed for you. I have the same issue. For me though sometime during restart it shutsdown too.

  8. I'm not worried either, until I began overclocking. Intel says it's my incompatibility with an AMD video card. I suspect I did not install the Extreme Series Processor chip with the unit. Compatibility says my chip will work although I get beep codes too. The catalyst control center will not work with Nvidia. My board, an Asrock AM3+, still hesitates at boot up. My onboard video is AMD, and I have installed an AMD video card (Cubase did not accept the terms of the license on that onboard video). Could not figure out if the FX 6300 was the culprit. I'm on that computer right now. So, I checked my power supply, and lo, and behold, I was running 900 watts at half mast. I had an eight pole processor plug, that I halved because it would let me. After switching to the 680 watt power supply which had the usual four pronger, my computing experience was increased. Still looking for the answer to why my computer hesitates at bootup. My prediction is it's a software issue contacting windows when looking through the bios. I usually just reset the CMOS after adding new hardware.
    FX 6300
    ASrock 960GM-VGS3 Fx
    8gb HyperX memory
    Creative Audio
    Radeon 6670
    10,000 RPM's
    W7 64bit
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