What desktop should i buy at costco?

We had an old emachines computer that we had hooked up to our tv for watching netflix and other tv showa available online. It's hard drive died so now I have to make a choice...
Our other computer is an Acer AST180-UD400b. I am thinking of putting it in to the living room and using it as our tv computer. So I need to buy a new desktop.
I would prefer to buy from Costco because they are local and have a great return policy and extended warranty.
I went to the store and they have a Gateway dx4320-o1E for 599-- no monitor... AMD II x4 945 processor, 6gb ddr3,1tb hard drive.
They also have a Gateway dx 4320 AMD phenom x6, 6gb ddr3, and 1Tb hard drive. This comes with a 25 inch monitor and is online only for 699.
There is also an e-machines for about 499 at the store considerably less specs-- can't remember exactly what they are--like 3 gb ram, 640 gb hard drive....

There are others but I really get confused looking at so many...

Obviously I don't know alot about computers-- I don't want to over buy-- we use our computer for our music and web-surfing, watching some tv/video on it, Google earth, etc. no gaming.
any thoughts or advice? I would really appreciate it-- I don't want to waste my money buying something I don't need but also don't upgrade my computer very often-- my last two came to me used .

thanks in advance!
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  2. for an HTPC, you really just need an Athlon II X2 and an HDMI output.

    most people here will encourage you to build your own rather than buy a prebuilt, which often skimps on the power supply.
  3. For what you are going to do with the desktop, the emachine is really all you need. But that Gateway with the big monitor would be a really nice system that would last you for years to come. If the money is not a big concern, I would buy that Gateway. It is a lot more PC than you really need, but that is an out-standing price for the hardware you are getting. It's only a couple hundred more, and you will still need a monitor I am thinking with the emachine. Even if you do have a monitor now, is it old and small? Do you like the idea of the nice big monitor?
    So it's kind of up to you, what do you want to spend?
  4. Yes I do like the idea of a new monitor-- I have one and it is just okay, but it is the same age as the Acer.

    Money isn't a big concern- of course I'dlike to spend less but I would like it to last awhile... so I think i will go with the Gateway--

    thanks so much for the help!
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