New gaming Build $500-$600

I am in need of a new gaming computer. I need a system that will run WoW, Aion, and other games of this sort smoothly. What would be the best setup?
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  2. nice build, but as the processor is a black edition he'll need a cpu cooler as well
  3. Black Editions after socket AM2 like Brisbane 5000+, Windsor 6400+, etc come with a heat sink fan for boxed retail processors ^^
  4. nice, sorry thought it was an oem black edition didn't notice boxed vertion
  5. batuchka said:

    What website did you use? The one with all the savings and MIR?
  6. Egg USA - disregard now as new month = combos reset
  7. batuchka said:

    That seems a bit low...Are you sure those are the proces? :sweat:
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  9. Yep happy year end and shopping/building ^^
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