Replaced radeon 4870 with gtx 460... very little improvement?


Last night I bought a Galaxy Geforce GTX 460GC card to replace my HIS radeon 4870 512mb. I ran the FFXIV bench program just before and just after. I am actually only seeing a 100 point improvement in the bench score for the game. I find this horrifying. Also, every time I reboot my pc it reverts back to 800 x 600 resolution. Is there some type of a driver issue causing this or do I have a bad card?

I used the guru 3d driver sweeper to remove as many ATI drivers as I could but there is 1 DLL file and 1 directory that will not seem to wipe out. I downloaded the newest Nvidia control panel and forceware drivers from Nvidia last night as well. I find this really odd, but... do I need to go buy a GTX 480 to see an improvement here or are we possibly seeing a bottleneck from other hardware in the system?

rig has:
AMD Athlon II x4 620 Oc'd to 3.0
4gb OCZ gold DDR 2 (I think it's ddr2 800)
500gb 5200rpm hard drive
360gb 5200rpm hard drive
Radeon 4870 or GTX 460
Antec earthwatts 650 watt PSU

I am confuzzled greatly by this.
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  1. Hello,

    Your system is fine. There is no component bottlenecking your card. Did you checked your VGA cable and monitor? What about the refreshrate? Did you update your motherboard BIOS?

    The GTX460 should be great a improvement from the 4870. However i would try once again drivers from your videocard manufacturer. Not NVIDIA, but try drivers of their site.

    If this doens't help i would RMA your card.
  2. sounds liek driver issues for the reverting back to 600x800

    as for the bench score. never trust just one benchmark tool, always use several.

    possibly bottlenecks possible hard drives at 5200 rpm usually most are up to 7200 or 10k nowadays . doubt that is it though. probably drivers due to the reverting, perhaps try going back to older drivers for the 46o if the newest drivers are giving you trouble
  3. GTX460 is an improvement from the 4870, but not a drastic one.,2732-7.html
    A basic chart, but shows that they are relative. If you were looking for a more drastic increase in FPS you should of upgraded to a higer tier, or two.
  4. There really isn't that much between those cards for the most part with the exception of a few games, but I have to disagree with yakmar about not using the drivers from Nvidia's site as they are likely to be newer than those on the card manufacturers site.
  5. Hello mousemonkey,

    I ment it as a alternative solution. Some of the drivers are optimized for that. I do not mean the drivers off the CD. But the support drivers of their website. You are right about NVIDIA does release drivers much faster then the alternative drivers from manufacturies does.

  6. Make sure you did a clean driver install.

    Uninstall all ATI drivers. Then use drive sweeper to uninstall all hidden drivers in safe mode. Reboot, and do a clean install of the Nvidia drivers.
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