What is a display port on my graphics card

what is a display port for on my graphics card ?
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  1. Displayport is another type of monitor interface. It is similar to the HDMI port since it carries both audio and video signals, but the connection is different.
  2. "port" is short for "portal". It allows video feed to transport from one location to the next by particle & molecular transfusion. All you need is a "port" and a type of video connection, such as "HDMI", "VGA", "DVI", or even "S-Video". When assigned, these video connectors to the certain "portal" it will allow your video medium to travel (usually at the speed of light or if lagging by worm-holes, within seconds) to the next dimension. =)
  3. Displayports are handy because of their low profile, which is why it's easy to have multiple display port connectors on a single graphics card (AMD 5870 Eyefinity 6 edition has 6 connections, whereas you wouldn't be able to fit that many DVI or VGA adapters).
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