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We have multiple access points each with their own internet connection for different sections of our business that are located within a range maximum of m from another location. From this other location (and being mobile between the other sections) we want to be able do without another internet connection and share the internet connections of the other sections to whichever connection is the strongest at the time. These multiple access points will connect to an external router/access point/wireless bridge? that is then connected to a large antenna. This point is then connected via ethernet to router (network) of our section. We would prefer to stay connected to our network all the time, whereas the network internet connection changes.

Is this possible? What equipment would be best used to connect multiple SSID's to? (Access Point/Wireless Bridge or Router). Would it need to have roaming capabilities?
If router is the best equipment as I would expect, what router would you recommend? Would I just get two of the same for each point of our network? (We have other 2.4GHz equipment, mainly cameras, located nearby both router locations).

What mode would I require for the first point (multiple SSID connection point) in our network? Would it be wireless bridging?
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  1. Whoo this is a bit confusing. Even after re-reading this a few times.

    Are you saying each of your access points have their own router, is that what you mean by their own internet connections? Are none of the APs on the same network now? Can you diagram your layout and post it? How large is the area you are trying to work on, how far between each AP?

    The way most business are setup to have wireless roaming capabilities is to just use one main Router and network, then use APs setup in various areas of the building for coverage that are connected to the main network via a ethernet cable. The wireless clients swap from AP to AP automatically as long as they are all setup with the same network name, DHCP server, etc..., they tend to go to the strongest signal on their own. You can play around with that configuration and manually set when they swap from one AP to another. They all need to be on the same network though, you can't just walk out of coverage from one network address, and seamlessly get re-connected to another network.
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