MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB "HAWK" will it fit?

Hi everybody. Im in the process of choosing parts for a light gaming htpc and im about settled on all parts except my graphics card.

my cabinet is gonna be the Silverstone SG05 mini itx with the Gigabyte socket 1156 usb3 board.

The graphics card i have my eyes on is the MSI GeForce GTX 460 1GB "HAWK" PhysX since it gets some nice ratings in the charts fits my budget well and seems to run really cool. The length seems to be within the range that the cabinet supports (up to 9.5inch) what i am worried about it the width of the thing.

Anyone have any experience with fitting this card into the cabinet/motherboard

Hope someone can help

Thx -manp
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  1. Looking at the back of the case it has opening for two expansion cards but the board has only one slot that will use the opening closer to the I/O panel and being a dual slot card it should then fit. Noticed in one of the review's for the case somebody having had a GTS250 and a HD5770 installed, both dual slot cards.
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