Is my motherboard dead?

So over the weekend, my wife's computer screwed up. Took me about 2 hours, but I figured out that her RAM went to hell. The system would sometimes boot up fine, but most of the time there would be no display at all or anything. I tried putting my corsair ram in there and she booted up fine, so we figured that was the problem. For the hell of it, I thought I should just throw her ram into my system to see if it would work there.

BTW I have an ASRock p67 extreme4 Gen 3 mobo, and she had an Asus MGT Evo something.. basically both will take the same ram. Anyways I plug it in and turn the computer on.. almost automatically I smelled smoke and saw a little ember come up on the motherboard, near the 24 pin connection to the PSU. Of course i turned the comp off and left it off for a while. Now, even when I try my ram that I booted up my wife's comp with, I turn on my comp.. all the lights come on, my Zalman 9900 turns on and starts spinning and everything for about 3 sec, then everything turns off again. Then the system tries to turn on again by itself and the same exact thing happens. The lights come on everything.. fans start spiining, but then everything turns off.

Did i just kill my motherboard? :(

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  1. Where did the smoke come from? Could be the power supply, motherboard, or both. I'll assume your wife's system also uses desktop ddr3. If it was something else, then there's your problem.
  2. Yes the both use DD3. As for the smoke.. I saw a little ember coming from the motherboard itself. It was right next to the 24-pin power connector, ON the motherboard. I guess I could plug in a new power supply, but if it had died, would it still actually power up the computer like it does? (for 3 sec that is)
  3. Sounds like you burned open at least one circuit on the mobo. There is probably a burnt spot on the PCB itself. If so it's toast.
  4. I didn't see any actually burnt spot on the motherboard itself.. though that is something I will check when I get home. Along with just plugging in another power supply and seeing if that will power everything up. Do you think, though, that it could POSSIBLY be the psu? I mean, if the psu went bad, would it even power ANYTHING on? BTW: its this psu:
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