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Hey guys i'm looking to build a new (first) gaming desktop. I really want to be able to play WoW on good graphics settings without lag. I have no preference on AMD or Intel or ATI vs NVidia. I'm a high schooler so i'm on a budget of about $800. Please post specs of what you think would be good.
PS I have a monitor keyboard mouse and speakers i just need tower specs.
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  1. mianmars said:

    Hey man thanks this looks great i think this is what i will get most likely and its all under 800 thank you so much man.
  2. RAM says
    Features Specifically Designed to compatible with Intel Core i5 and Core i7 for Intel P55 motherboard
    Should still be compatible with the AMD phenom x4 and the board right?
  3. Best answer
    Yaah, thats called marketing :P
  4. Yeah just a marketing crap !!
  5. Yeah thats a good build Guerillas linked - enjoy!
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