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I have a Samsung R580 JSB-1US and I seem to have a problem with overheating with this notebook. I believe it is due to the fact of turbo boost. During the first few months of my possession of this notebook, there were no instances of overheating and then during December, this problem occurred. I am a gamer and also render a lot of videos, so when I rendered videos, the laptop would shut off. I knew this problem was due to overheating and read on a forum that turning off turbo boost would solve the trick. I went into the BIOS and turned off Intel Speedstep, this caused my computer to have a maximum of 1.2 ghz. I have been having this setup for quite some time until a few weeks ago when I realized that I was not fully utilizing my processor speed. So, I experimented and looked at a few forums and I found out that if I go into the power options and put my processor maximum to 99% turbo boost is not enabled. This means that instead of 1.2ghz, I would get 2.27 ghz - I have an i5-430m. The temperature readings I got off core temp were a maximum of 85 degrees celsius, however with turbo boost enabled it reached around 100 degrees a matter of minutes when doing a processor test in Windows Experience Index. I heard that 90 degrees and above is detrimental to the laptop's hardware and 100 degrees - thats just boiling water! So, my question is how can I prevent further overheating yet still turn on turbo boost? I want to use the most out of my processor and still get the best bang for the buck.
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  1. I look at it this way! You got a faulty product, it should not overheat with std settings (turbo mode is). You should RMA before your warranty runs out!
    Only other option is external cooling solution.
  2. I had a laptop with an i5 that had a similar overheating issue, albeit very strange. I had it hooked up to a monitor / keyboard / mouse and would set it on its side (on the notebook's spine) out of the way. With this configuration it would overheat like clockwork if I ran prime95. No vents were blocked, airflow was fine, etc (The laptop's fans were configured to vent on the left side). Flipping it over to the other side (the front where it opens) completely resolved the problem.
  3. All right, I took a gas duster and cleaned the vents thoroughly. Now, the temperatures have dropped from 100+ with turbo boost on to 2.53 ghz to 88 degrees max. However, when I play games with fraps on I get visible drops in framerate which I did not get before when I had 2.27 ghz. Does this mean that the chip is downclocking automatically? When I play games and record at the same time the chip is at about 75 degrees. Hmm... I'm not too sure how to address this problem. Some help?
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