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Why direct X 10

I have a XFX 5870 card in my computer running windows 7 Pro. When I look in performance in control panel it says that my direct X version is 10. I would think that it should report 11. Am I wrong?
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  1. It supports DX11 - but you're running DX10. You can try upgrading your DX10 to DX11. That should do that trick.

    On my system, games actually let me choose whether i want DX10 or DX11. Not all games do that, but for those that do make sure you double-check too.
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    Click "Start", then "Run" and type in "dxdiag" on the line and hit enter to run the DirectX Diagnostic tool. It will tell you which version of DirectX you have installed. If you are not up to date with DirectX11, then go to this page to download the latest DirectX web installer:

    Or you can just skip the dxdiag tool and just go straight to the installer.
  3. Did that and it reports DirectX11, go figure, wonder why performance states differently? Thanks ....
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