Acer aspire L320 pc freezes

I am using ACER ASPIRE L320 for two years with vista home basic.
now, it gets hot and hang every now and then. sometime at booting as well.
after many error and trial one technician replace the processor on trial basis(P4-3.2Ghz) with Celeron-2.53 Ghz. and it works.
Still its cpu usage goes par beyond. most of the time more than 100%.
I heard that usually processor doesn't have problem. before going to buy P4, i want to make sure that what it should be?
motherboard, processor or heast sink?
has some one heard or faced this problem before. need guidance.
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  1. It can be a temperature issue. Cleaning the internals especially heat sinks might help, increasing airflow by adding case fan's will help as well keeping things cooler.
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