Is this 3d mark 06 score normal?

Sorry, I didn't know where to put this one. I just ran 3d mark 06 basic version with all of the extra options locked. My total score was 7,956. Is that normal for this system?

-core i7 920
-evga x58 motherboard
-500gb @7200 rpm
-6gb ddr3 ram triple channel @1066(used to be 1600 but main board down clocked it for some reason)
-saphire 4890 1gb gddr5.

everything is at stock speeds and has always been that way. Rig over a year old and the reason I am posting this now because this rig used to be super fast but now I am getting low, although playable fps during games. So is my 3d mark 06 (free edition) a low score? and do you think it is because my ram has been downclocked to 1066 from 1600 and is now causing a bottleneck within my system?
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  1. I will post t0he individual scores of cpu and gpu later. Also the test ran with 0xaa and at a resolution of 1280x1024.
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  3. you don't understand. I remember getting a score of about 16000 last year. I just googled it and someone said they have a core 2 quad with a 4870 and get a score around 16000 as well. why is it that my rig scored less than 8,000.
  4. I get 16500 score with 5850 and q9550,4gb ddr2 800mhz ram stock.Your cpu is better than me but is about 160mhz slower than me.3d mark loves cpu speed.But that score looks a bit low to me.Did you run it with default setting?What about games and WEI score?Try reinstalling 3d mark 06
  5. I remember getting a score of about 16,000 last year the first and only time I've run the test before this one. No hardware or anything has changed since then. Now I'm getting less than 8,000 and my frames per second in games has decreased substantially, hence the reason why I decided to run the test again. Somethings not right and I just wanna know the reason behind it. I just opened my case up and it is kind of dusty, do you think that could be it?
  6. okay just ran the test again.
    3d mark score-7959
    sm2.0 score-3108
    cpu score-4,788

    so just for clarification, these scores are definitely not normal for my rig?
  7. really not too long ago because we just had a virus and had to reinstall windows 7 64bit by completely reformatting the drive. Also, about a year ago, I tried to use ati overdrive in the ccc menu. I overclocked it a lot and I think I remember accidentally putting the slider all the way to the right and I think I actually played a game like that but there was a lot of artifacting and the game didnt run properly. I didnt adjust any voltages or anything like that though. If anyone could confirm if my cpu score is normal for an i7920 maybe the problem lies within the graphics card?
  8. crazekid362 said:
    okay just ran the test again.
    3d mark score-7959
    sm2.0 score-3108
    cpu score-4,788

    so just for clarification, these scores are definitely not normal for my rig?

    Nah your score is waay too low, it should be much higher. If I was you, reinstall Windows (fresh copy), and see if it helps
  9. How's your CPU temps?
  10. My system scored 19799 in 3DMark06 when it was first assembled in August. Currently (as of today) it scores 19558. The run in August was done with a fresh install of Windows7 Professional, having run CCleaner regularly and Diskeeper 2010 Professional, it's dropped 241pts. Prior to installing Diskeeper and resuming regular use of CCleaner, I was down to 19036 in September. Your score, should be in the area of 20k or so, plus or minus a few points. Make sure all your drivers are installed and up to date, as that will make a difference. Also, do as Dadiggle suggested.
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