New CPU or GPU?

My current system:

AMD Athlon ii X4 630 2.8ghz

GTS 250 1gb

4gb DDR2

Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H

I bought this computer about a year ago from ibuypower(HUGE MISTAKE) and Ive been wanting to upgrade some parts recently for Crysis 2 coming out next month, since my computer still has trouble running the first two Crysis games. At the moment I only have enough money to upgrade either the cpu or gpu, so which should i upgrade now? And I do realize that none of these by themselves will have a HUGE impact on the performance of my computer.

I did try out an ATI 5850 in my computer a few weeks ago, but saw little performance difference. And the CPU ive been looking at is the AMD Phenom II X4 965.
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  1. If you tried the 5850 and saw no difference, you have a bigger CPU bottleneck then I would have thought. What resolution are you playing at?

    I would think you'd want to get a new GPU. If you're having a CPU bottleneck issue then you'll need to buy a new one (but you don't have enough $$$) or OC yours.
  2. based on what I can see there,
    I would say upgrade graphics card and overclock your chip a touch
    check your current set up on though for the different crysis games, see what it shows you
    the 5870 is a better card, and if you do look at a new chip, the 955 will tweak easily past the 965 for a cheaper outlay.
  3. Quote:
    Get a Gtx 460 or a 560Ti and OC that chip to around 3.4. You wouldn't see a difference in the cards if you have a cpu bottleneck

    Agreed !
  4. I have a 24" monitor but game at about 1600x900 for the most part.
  5. ull be fine with that current setup, and ull be getting good performance, but next videocard upgrade after that u might want to upgrade the cpu to something more powerful, but for now ur fine
  6. getting a new gpu is not bad but in my openion you should get a core i5 if you have enough money
    but your system should be good enough to play crysis 2
  7. Yeah a 5850 will bust a 250 all day long you need to oc your cpu to see the difference.
  8. In 6-8 months, some new GPUs will be coming out that will be 2-2.5xs faster than the best offerings now.

    In the new ~6 months, the bulldozer is supposed to come out and it should give some good competition to Intel's current offerings, if not beat them.

    Just letting you know. before you drop too much money.
  9. at 1600x900 the 5850 doesn't even have room to stretch it's legs
  10. gtx 580 is also a good option for that resolution and gtx 460 can also handle it
  11. Haha no it was the 5850, but I dont remember which resolution I was using when I tested it though, just that it wasnt a huge difference in performance. The only problem with bulldozer cpu's is that they will require an am3+ motherboard. And I did manage to overclock my cpu to 3.2 ghz so far. I'm brand new to overcocking so ill see how much farther i can push it with staple temps.
  12. GTX460 will be enough especially 1GB version, but don't forget to do some overclock since modern games will need at least 3.2 GHz on AMD procies (to minimize CPU bottleneck)
  13. the cpu can work good get after market cooler OC it to 4.0 ghz and get 6950 and unlock it to 6970 or get 6970
  14. What do you guys think is a safe overclock for now until I get an aftermarket cpu cooler?? So far its at about 3.3 GHZ. You think I can get a little more out of it?
  15. caboose39 said:
    What do you guys think is a safe overclock for now until I get an aftermarket cpu cooler?? So far its at about 3.3 GHZ. You think I can get a little more out of it?

    if your temps didnt go beyond 75 then yeah you are good
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