So ive just gone and treated myself to a Asus Gtx 460 1gb to my original system of:

Cpu: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.88 @ 3.90 Ghz
RAM: 4Gb DDR2 Kingston Hyper
PSU: Antec Arctic Cooler 750W
MOBO: Asus P5ql-E

Unfortunetly, playing games such as COD B.O, the FPS is more than fine, but it stutters and then partially freezes, just to come back again ... HELP D:

Any ideas would be brilliant =D :bounce:
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  1. Have you tried lowering the display settings in the game? If the same probelm happens consistantly through any settings, then you likely have a bad card. I experienced a similar situation with my GPU. I sent mine back with an RMA, but unfortunately all that was reported back to me was that the card failed a routine test, so I have no idea what was wrong with it.
  2. it was doing similar with the old card in it .... Gtx 9800+ black edition .... but i wouldnt have thought it would have anything to do with the CPU .... maybe quad should be the next step ?
  3. No, I don't think that the CPU is the problem. Have you tried using MemTest86+ on your RAM? Does the freezing happen consistently, like in the same area of the game or when trying to load something in the game?
  4. spontaniously to be honest ... il have to try that memtest, as my GPU is DDR5 ... will my DDR2 RAM effect this ?
  5. No. There is no RAM compatability issue to worry about when it comes selecting a GPU. So long as you're using the correct architecture (PCI-E, AGP, etc.) you'll be fine.
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