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  1. I couldn't put any claim on the quality of the psu,
    it is 84% efficient (acc to the paragraph) but no mention of it being certified as such,
    but yes, given the connectors on the psu itself and the adaptors supplied with the gfx card, I dont see any reason it wouldn't
    some other specs might be handy tho, what else are you planning on having in the Rig?
    drives, fans etc
  2. yes but thats a low quality psu get this instead
  3. I was just confused with the PCI-E pin requirements. My card apparently requires 2x 6 pin connectors, but the psu has 1x 6 pin and 1x 8 pin, so that was just the only thing throwing me off. I know ill be fine with my setup on the actual power requirements though, mostly being a temp psu for now until sandy bridges, just using a x4 955 for now.
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    You may find that the 8-pin connector has 2 breakoff pins,
    that separate from the main 6, if not the use the 6pin line on the psu, and one of the 2 molex>6pin's supplied with the card,
    should see you right till your Sb dreams come true :)
  5. Hopefully it does have the breakoff, I assumed not though because I thought it would say 6+2-Pin if it does have the break, but I could be totally wrong. Thanks for the info nonetheless!
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  7. np, glad to help if I can :)
    *edit, Ty for best answer too*
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