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I was just curious,

Would an officially validated Active Minidisplay port to VGA adapter correct my resolution problem from a 5870 eyefinity 6 to my VGA monitor?

I bought an Apple one which I beleive is passive, and it's RUBBISH!!! Cannot display my monitors native resolution of 1680 x 1050 and text and articles look blurry!!!

Please Advise!!!!
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  1. Weren't you asking the same questions in this and several other threads that you've started about this Eyefinity card? :heink:
  2. Sorry, is that against the forum rules?

    As I don't really seem to be getting anywhere, and I just don't want to spend more money on an adapter only for it to ship from the states to the UK and for it not to work any better than it is now?!

    Don't want to break any rules though at the same time?!
  3. Is it to late for you to return this expensive card ?
    Don't you think something is wrong if you can't easily get up and running a single monitor configuration ? I usually don't like people trying to answer troubleshooting problems with more questions. But I will be honest with you, the whole display port situation is a giant grey area it seems. What works with what card and will work with what monitor is hard to pin down.
    There was no dongles in the box to help you get going ?
  4. Well you keep making different threads asking the same question which is bordering on spamming, just post your question once and wait patiently for a response.
  5. Sorry, I will do. And yes, it is too late for me to return the card, I will save up the money and buy a better monitor!!!

  6. Thanks notty22

    Its a minidisplay port to VGA adapter that I need, I will keep looking thanks for your help!!!
  7. Awesome, thanks notty22

    Have ordered one!!!

    Thanks again!!!!
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