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My question is:
Is the PlayStation 2 worth being bought over the Dreamcast just because of having the ability to play DVD movies?

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  1. Dont know about you guys in the US but in the UK the dreamcast now comes with a DVD player (region free) for just £300. The PS2 is £300 and is a locked poor quality player. However DC games suck big!!! PS2 games might be better but are all sequals! WAIT FOR X-BOX or by a set-top on its own.
    PS I work in a computer games shop so i'm not just slagging DC off for the fun of it

    I Pity the Fool
  2. Do you have a link or something to prove your words about the dreamcast DVD player? I thought that the GD-rom was just an improved Cd-rom...
  3. I heard somewhere that the PS2 won't play all DVD's.
    I'm not talking about being region locked but some other compatibility issue but I can't remember exactly what it was.
    Is any of this sounding familiar to anyone else?
    Is any of this information true?
  4. Don't own one, but was considering it.

    I would think if you don't own a DVD player then that is a definate bonus.
    I own one of the 1st Toshiba low end DVD players and its picture quality is great on my 32". PS2 should have nothing less then that being many generation ahead. I saw one playing the matrix on a 14" colour TV in a game store.
    Looked ok to me, despite the fact that it was on a crap 14".

    PS2 has allot more game support, they said that on the tv show about gaming. Plus it plays all the old games. The only down side with repect to the Dreamcast is that the PS2 is not internet ready -- no modem, but I hear they might bring one out in the future.
    Good Luck -- I vote PS2, go and demo them. You can usually rent both at the video store like blockbuster. Rent both at the same time so you can make one time comparison.

    Take Care.
    If money was no object, how could you spend it!
  5. I checked and there are no such thing as a DC DVD-player out NOW.
  6. I am waiting for the X-box. It plays DVD and supposedly PC Games. I just hope it lives up to all its hype--not that Microshaft would lie to us.

    :cool: James
  7. After I read all of your messages, there are something I want to make clear about:
    1, Xbox ONLY play Xbox games, NOT PC games.
    2, There is no DC-DVD player on the market yet, but SEGA is making one.
    3, DC games don't sucks. Please try Shuenmue or Skies of Arcadia.
  8. You can buy the D/Cast with a seperate DVD player in the U.K. as a package.It is being offered by 'Toys R Us' for about £250.Don't know about it being region free though
  9. Well, one more disadvantage for the Dreamcast!
    Haven´t you heard?

    SEGA is thinking about discontinuing the DC!
    It seems the market is only for the BIG Boys (SONY, NINTENDO and MICRO "Let´s piss our costumers a little more!" SOFT!)

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  10. A friend of mine got a PS2 for Xmas, it would play a DVD movie for about 30min before crashing. He has since got a replacement from Sony which now plays movies without crashing but he thinks that after a while you notice bad lip sync. Also his local video shop now has certain DVD movies labelled as PS2 compatible, so there is definitely some problem.

    I have a standalone Sony DVD player it works fine. If you are really serious about watching movies go for a standalone player.

    Just my $0.02

    Note this applies to UK PS2, so nstc performance may differ.
  11. I have a PS2 and use it quite frequently to watch DVDs.

    It works perfectly fine. I have yet to find a compatability problem, nor have I yet heard of a specific disc that won't play.

    Dreamcast DVD is unlikely now that Sega has discontinued DC production.
  12. There are actually a decent amount of problems with the PS2 production. You see, they are being built by trained monkeys... getting a $100 cheapo DVD player will yield equal results. Don't buy a friggin game system for the media, buy it for the games! Oh, and PSX games don't count, since if you have them chances are you have a PSX/PSOne...

    That's why I got my DC, it has awesome games, and the PS2 will eventually get good games, but current games like ZOE have been a let down (ZOE seems to play you more than you play it). If you DON'T have a PS2, then don't bother unless you really want MGS2. Get an Xbox or a new PC or something. My DVD player works fine, why do I want another one?

    All I can say is, my DC kills my friend's PS2 "da DVD player". Grandia II, SoA, Sonic, UFC, NFL2k1, UT, QIII, etc... not to mention PSO, which rocks, and has the fans and the awards to prove it!

    Ha! A view from the other side - I'm no slave and I'm no fanboy, I play what I like. I never even bought a Saturn.
  13. Played some games on both the DC and PS2, If you have kids I'd lean heavily towards the DC. The PS2 appears to def be marketed towards older teens and those of us who refuse to grow up.

    side note on the X-box, latest word is that it will not be playing DVD's, only games. Bad call by M$ as the DVD option would draw more buyers. Sega, as I'm sure you know is getting out of hardware and focusing on game production. They recently started working with M$ to produce games for the Xbox.

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  14. I got a PS2 for crimbo, plays DVD with reasonable quality, the games are pretty good and are improving over time. One company just bought a region hack for PS2 as well so can play any region (important for those of us in the UK)


    Look at the size of that thing!
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