Disk Sharing in 10.6 vs 10.4

Hi everyone,

I recently upgraded two 20" iMacs to 10.6 and now I can't figure out to mount a disk from one computer to another on the LAN.

In 10.4 and 10.3, you enabled file sharing and went to 'Go --> Network' from the Finder.
The other available computers on the network would show themselves, you pick one and log-in to it.
You were then presented with a list of volumes you can mount and that was it. The volumes you selected (hard drives, optical disks, thumb drives, disk images, etc.) were now on your desktop and free to work with as you please.

I haven't found how to accomplish this between the two iMacs running 10.6. I couldn't see my iMac (running 10.6) from my laptop (running 10.4) either. I also couldn't see my laptop from my iMac.

How do you do this in OSX 10.6?
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  1. Have u checked if sharing is still enabled in preferences?
    Try command + K. See if it shows up there.

    Ive got 3x 10.6 systems running and both ways work for me.
  2. Yes, sharing is still enabled in preferences on all the computers and I'm not having a problem sharing between my 10.4 desktop and 10.4 laptop. I only have a problem when trying to share with one or both of the 10.6 iMacs.

    I'll try connecting with the [command] + [k] method next time I have my laptop up at the office. Thanks.
  3. Partial success. Now I can mound my iMac's (10.6) volumes on the laptop, but I still can't find the PowerBook's (10.4) volumes from the iMac.

    I can open the laptop's shared folder, but I just want to mount it's entire disk.

    Just to throw a wrench in the works, I can only mount the iMac's drives on the laptop when I use setup a 'computer-to-computer' wifi network from the laptop. No sharing at all when I setup the network from the iMac. I haven't tried joining the LAN via ethernet.

    Any ideas? Any network administrator's out there who have seen similar problems, Mac, Windows, anything? I'm not the admin for my office's network, I wonder if there's something blocking client communication at level I cannot access.
  4. Thats a tough one.
    Try Apple.com support section, other mac forums, or even try your work's tech for help.
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