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No microphone in win7 :S?

well =/ mi problem is the microphone dont work.. i install leaste driver.. i have a ECS black edition a780GM-A (v1.1) u know this problems is vista problem too ?? if u can help me =)! poss the solution

PD: i have dual boot with XP and work fine in xp
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  1. Shall I rephrase your question?

    I dowloaded a Pirated Copy of Windows 7, which is a Felony and I am telling the whole world I did it. Can Someone Further assist me in getting my Crime?
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    Heh -

    7 is built on the Vista/Server-2008 Kernel, and uses the exact same driver model. Your problem is you are not using a compatible device. Therefore you should either get a device that works on that driver/kernel, or you should scrap the idea altogether and just stick with XP.

    And no - Microsoft won't care about someone downloading it from a Torrent - It's time bomb'd anyways and will stop working in August. But by the same token, neither do they care if you're having a problem with it because you didn't pay attention to the requirements of the OS.
  3. I was going to say mr. zenmaster is a complete moron. Windows 7 is a freely downloadable beta OS. Wether you download directly from Microsoft or a torrent, the key you will be using is one they are giving to anyone who wants it. Windows 7 beta has a built in time-bomb and will expire August 1st 2009, so until then it is NOT a pirated copy and is NOT a felony to obtain and use. Microsoft does not care if people try it because that's EXACTLY what they want, massive interest in their new and upcoming Operating System.

    zenmaster, shall I rephrase YOUR question?

    I really don't know what I'm talking about and I am just wasting everyone's time by posting totally useless replies to genuine questions. I am a Felon and it is a crime for me to even breath, can someone further assist me in my useless use of oxygen?

    zenmaster, think before you speak.

    To the poster needing help with your mic in Windows 7, try removing your drivers and re-installing but this time use compatibility mode Windows XP. If it doesnt work you may be in the same boat as loads of other Windows 7 users.

  4. Chupeta, give the new drivers a try. They are Beta 1 ready... Not sure if your card is supported so first make sure it is.

    Your welcome ;-)
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