Windows 7 PNY Quadro FX 570 Issues

I am using a INTEL DP45SG mobo and a g9550 Quad core processor with a PNY Quadro FX570 graphics card and windows 7 runs sluggishly and even needs to recover the drivers now and again, this is a fresh install. Why would this be happening? Is there anything I could tweak?
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  1. My guess would be that the card is not very Win7 friendly and I don't actually see any Win7 specific drivers listed for it.

    Vista is as high as it goes and though it works somewhat it likely isn't optimized for Win7.
  2. The card scored a 4.3 out of 7.9 in the compatability tool under Win7 and yet the performance is dismal. I am using a driver set that includes Win7 in the description. I am having trouble getting in touch with nVidia as well.
  3. Im using a Lenovo T61p. Recently uprgaded from windows vista to windows 7.
    Everything works except the quadro FX 570 driver.

    Problem definition:
    The second monitor is detected ( mouse movement possible in extended area ) but doesn't show up. The screen is black.

    - I downloaded rivers from the lenovo site as well as from the Nvidia site > no result
    - Latest bois flash for lenovo t61p > no result
    - low resolution check > no result
    - aero disabled > no result

    FX570 supports directx10 while windows 7 runs directx11. Might this be the problem?

    Anyone an other idea?
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