Windows 8 repeatedly crashing after upgrade from Vista

Just recently upgraded a computer from Windows Vista Pro 32-bit to Windows 8 Pro (32-bit). I ran the compatibility check beforehand and it said everything would be fine. After getting Windows 8 installed however, the computer is continually crashing. Sometimes literally right after I log in, sometimes I can use it for an hour before it shuts down. Regardless it will eventually BSOD.

What concerns me most is that every single time it does, it gives me a completely different error. Sometimes I recognize an error I've seen before, but there's absolutely no consistency in them (that I'm able to identify at least). I don't know how to read dump files, but I imagine they could hold the solution to this problem.

I'm planning in running Memtest86 tomorrow because when I was reading up on potential issues, it seems like maybe that could be the problem. But can anyone gather any more information from the dump files? I've included them in a zip folder here:

Any help would be extraordinarily appreciated. Thanks

edit: One last thing I guess I should mention is that the machine is a Dell XPS 210 with a Core 2 Duo Processor and 2GB of RAM.
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  1. Just ran Memtest86, it found no errors.
  2. with only 2GB ram, it probably using virtual memory(hard disk) a lot. check for disk error. Probably upgrade it to 4GB
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