While installing the OS(WIN7 ultimate) installation crashes midway with blue screen and BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER error.

Kindly help me how to fix it? Currently I dont hav any OS installed in my computer, neither i cud install...

Thank you
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  1. The information at this link explains the issue and claims that the software there will fix it. But it's only for completed installations.

    Do you finish installing or does it crash during the installation?

    If it is the latter then I suspect you need a new version of the windows operating system disk; which is something you can torrent and burn to a disk if you have a legitimate CD key.

    Make a Linux live CD (ubuntu or knoppix distros) and do this if you need to.

  2. It crashes during installation, couldnt finish installation. I will try and come of what u said. Thank you
  3. Additionally it might be bad RAM.

    before you go through the whole linux ordeal try removing all but one stick of RAM and if that fails take that one out and put one of the other ones in and do that over and over till it works, or until you've tried all of your RAM slots with all of your RAM chips one at a time.
  4. Hi Bobusboy
    I have tried installing with single module RAM and by RESET BIOS, however installation failed 3 times and then luckily OS got installed.

    And I am not sure the problem wouldnt reccur.
    So I welcome any suggestions regarding precautions and steps to fix the pottential problem

    Thank you
  5. Hey the problem have come back.BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER blue screen crash.
    it seems last tym OS got installed luckily.
    Please Help...
  6. If its consistent, then its probably not RAM. And if it happened during Windows install, that (probably) rules out software...

    Can you post the full BSOD info? In particular, I'm VERY interested to see what parm1 is, as this might be a case of a legitamate hardware failure on one of the USB busses...

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