Motherboard Temperature Too Hot?

I'm running prime95 at the moment, and after 2 hours it gets to about 55C. I'm planning on running it for 6 hours. Is this too hot? What's the maximum temperature I should let it reach?

My motherboard is a MSI P67A-G45, and I'm measuring it using Speccy. Speedfan gives me pretty much identical temps.

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  1. I believe you are definitely going to want to stay below 60c. Just keep an eye on it. Does it hover stable at 55, or does it continue to rise?

    remember that Prime is going to beat the *** out of your computer, and your comp will *never* work that hard in use. So temps in there are going to be above anything you will see otherwise.
  2. I took of the side of the case and switched the fan on my thermaltake frio to the max setting (makes a ton of noise ) and that's dropped the temperature by a few degrees. It's quite stable at 55-57. I touched the RAM to check the temperature, wasn't hot or anything - was that safe?
  3. There is nothing wrong with running the fan at full speed, or physically checking the temp.

    But generally teh chip is below a heatsink, and you can't accurately test the temp by touching it.
  4. yeah I was just worried that I could have damaged the RAM touching the metal part on the heatsink :P thanks.
  5. No, not unless you have static electricity build up. But chances are that if your board is properly grounded it wouldn't hurt it.

    Make sure to always touch the metal on the inside of the case to remove any static charge before touching components.
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