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hi this evening when i turned my pc on nothing happend on the screen no signal it displayed on the monitor so i checked all cables , tried again still nothing so i tried a old monitor i have and still not getting a signal what could the problem be ?
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  1. no beeps sound? or something?
    you can try booting without RAM, see if it makes beeps or not...
  2. thanks for the reply , tried turning it off and back on no beeps or anything i here the fans and hardddrive ect . to tell you the truth i dont know if it ever made a beep
  3. It could be anything, motherboard or cpu. How old this PC? Are you sure it's free from dust?
  4. its about 2 years old mb is p5n-e sli
  5. there alil dust on the inside it should i hoover it out
  6. You can try to re-plug all the cables from/to your motherboard, re-seat CMOS battery and booting without RAM, if all the things above are fails then it's more likely you have a bad board...
  7. what does re-seat cmos battery mean just tak it out and then put it back in? wil i have to change anything after that
  8. Yes, remove the CMOS battery and wait about 3 or 5 minutes, after that you can put back again and boot your pc. See if that help or not...
  9. will i have to make changes to any settings

    cheers for the btw
  10. no, no need to change anything...
    Removing CMOS will revert back any setting to default (including date) to the time when the motherboard is released.
  11. will all my other settings still be the same like drivers ect that are installed on my comp
  12. Oh, it doesn't affect drivers or your data, it's all safe, the setting on BIOS itself that will revert back...
  13. ok ill try that
  14. ok i have opened the machine vacumed any dust off everything , that did'nt work i have tried th monitor on my brothers pc it worked first time , then i put his video card into my machine still nothing . can any 1 else think what else it could be its driving me crazy , theres a green light on the mobo if that makes any diffrence
  15. Sounds like a bad motherboard or power issue.
  16. whats the best way to check and see what one it is mate
  17. do mobo's just break like that its been working fine until yesterday
  18. You might try re-seating everything; ram, cards, external and internal plugs, connections, etc.
  19. iv tried rep-seating everything also got a new problem the graphics card i used out my brothers pc after i put it back in his pc hes now not getting any sound over hdmi why is that?
  20. Looking more and more like a power problem. You may have damaged your brothers GPU by plugging it into your system and trying to run it without enough power.
  21. surley if it were damaged it would'nt be sending the picture
  22. Not quite, it could be damaged in many different ways, you could have damaged the pathways that control the audio signal only. Best bet would be to try reseating the card and looking into the software config to determine if something happened to your brother's settings to stop the audio from working.
  23. so it looks like im going to have to buy a new mobo or psu can any one recommend good ones
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