Is my problem my CPU?

I turned on my computer, but it gave me 9 beeps, and according to the bios manufacturer, that is a boot sequence failure. So, I replaced the mobo, no luck. PSU, no luck. I chexked all of my RAM, HDDs, and disk drives, and they are all fine. I have a replacement CPU picked out, but my Dad is doubting the CPU went bad. :pfff: The cpu is an Intel P4 3.0 ghz with HT. I have heard of these going bad, and nothing else is broken, so I want to double check with the forum to make sure that my CPU is what needs replacing. (BTW: the replacement costs $23.)
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  1. Is your BIOS configured for a silent post or show logo instead of post screen? If you change the settings so it shows post, chances are that you will find out what is causing the beeps.
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