Upgrading Radeon HD 5450 -- Need advice

This is my current computer's specs:

I want to replace the stock HD 5450, and was hoping to do so with a ~$125 budget, but hoping to spend less than that.

I had my eyes on this:

It seems like a good deal and, to my knowledge, would be compatible with everything.

My question is this: Is the 4870 I linked to a good card with a good deal, or should I be looking at something else that is in my price range?

EDIT: The replacement GPU will be used mostly for gaming (specifically Aion), if that matters.
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  1. 1. The only thing we know is your PSU is just 480W, we need more info about it's amperage on each rails.
    2. HD4870 is a HOT card, i doubt that card cooler can handle the heat, HD4870 can get hot pretty fast.
    3. Without knowing more about your PSU, i won't dare to run HD4870 on that PSU.
  2. How do I go about finding those specifications?
  3. Here is a perfect article for you:


    Although, if you can, I'd wait a month or two to buy. AMD is releasing their 6xxx series cards soon. At the very least that should lower the prices of the 5xxx series cards.

    Edit: Good call on the PSU. Long day at work and it slipped my mind.
  4. That looks like a great deal for the money.

    Just be careful with open box items on Newegg. Consider the fact that someone else sent the card back for a reason and they are re-selling it.

    If it works properly its a steal.

    you are getting a bit better performance than a 5770 (albeit w/out DX11) for the same price as a 4850 or 5750

    Hope it works out.

  5. I would get a HD 5770 like the following for $120 after a $20 mail-in rebate + free shipping


    The HD 5770 (77w) uses less power than the HD 4870 (which is about 120w - 125w), therefore making it less likely you will need to replace the PSU (depending on the make & model):

    Note: HD 4870 is not in the chart.

    Source: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/gpu-power-consumption-2010_3.html#sect0

    The HD 5750 uses even less power at 59w, but it's performance is similar to the slower HD 4850. Pretty safe bet that you will not have to upgrade the PSU. Here the lowest priced HD 5750 @ newegg,com at $115 after a $10 mail-in rebate and $5 shipping:


    It works out to the same price at the HD 5770 so let's hope that you PSU is sufficient for a HD 5770.
  6. If I got a GeForce GTS 250 for around the same price as the 4850, which is, according to most benchmarks, relatively in the same tier as the 4850, would that just be stumbling right back into the power issue again or would that be a decent alternative to downgrading to less powerful cards?

    Also, when I'm looking at cards to upgrade to, should I be looking more intently at the memory size, the memory interface, or the core clock?

    By the way, thank you very much for the replies so far, I really appreciate the help.
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