Is my computer upgradeable, or should i build a new one?

Hi guys, first post, and ive never build a computer either. Now thats out of the way, I have a Dell XPS 600 that i bought in December of 2005 and its starting to slow down. Im a gamer, and at the same time, will be starting some college classes in January. I play World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, BF2 and Red alert 3, WOW being the most important of the games.

Currently, my XPS is running a Pentium 4, 3ghz, it says 2gb or ram which leads me to believe there were 2, 1gb sticks in there, but ive put 2, 2gb sticks in, so about 6 gb of ram, and I upgraded the graphics card to a Gforce 9800GTX last year. I figure that you might need more info on the system, but im not sure where on my computer to find it. As much as i use computers, ya think id be more computer savy. Now, ive never backed up the computer, its never crashed (knocking on my plasterboard desk as i type) and only a hand full of blue screen of death incidents in 5 years. What can I do to bring this computer to 2010 standards or even rejuvenate its performance? On the same note, Ive heard that its not so expensive to just build a good gaming computer. What can I do, or should i do? Any help is appreciated, and please if you need more info on the system, give me an idea of how i can get it for you . Thanks guys
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  1. Also, from reading around the forums, I see that there are going to be new releases Jan. 5thish, I can wait till then to get the most out of whatever may come. Just a sidenote
  2. You can upgrade a P4 system, but it ain't worth it!

    Get into a least a Dual-Core CPU!

    Better yet, a Quad-Core Intel Core i7, at least a 930. Price difference b/t a high end i3, i5, or i7 aren't that much (and i7 are well worth it), but everything else is more $$ (i.e. mobo, and RAM).

    Your GPU is not out of date, but this is a 2005 system, and you'd really want to get a PCI-E x16 GFX card!

    Check out Tom's "Best Gaming CPU for the money" articles for a starting point, on the home page, under the CPU section.
  3. Thanks Scooter, Got that article open right now
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