I keep getting this error msg when trying to load pogo word games, I cannot then see profiles or highest scores. please tell me how to fix this. i have already uninstalled java and reinstalled the latest version, but it has not helped
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  1. Sounds like it's trying to access the internet and it cant. Go into your firewall and allow this program access to the internet.

    You may have to create a special out bound/inbound rule indicating that this program can access the internet on a specific port. This is more involved.

    What operating system are you using.
  2. Thx very mnuch for replying. Windows 7. I have allowed access to the pogo site but then saw that pogo specifically state that this will not work with their site - the pop up blocker has to be totally turned off at source.

    It is turned it off at Tools and always used to work. But I have had the prob for several months now.
    I cannot restore to a suitable earlier point because my laptop was repaired and I only have recent restore points available now.

    What is mystifying is that occasionally it works first time, sometimes not. Also logging off or restarting usually gives me access but sometimes i need to repeat that 2 or 3 times. I can get access to profiles and highest scores by clicking control and alt together but it is much more inconvenient than having immediate access as I used to do.

    I am not aware of any change that has been made to my laptop to make it develop this fault. pogo used to have a pop up blocker and a java test on their site and my laptop passed both yet still I had this fault. So their support told me to uninstall java using revo and to reinstall, which I have done. prob persists.

    I get a msg saying that java is uptodate and correct yet still get these error violation pid msgs about 70% of the time that I try to play the word games.

    many thx for your interest.
  3. The Access_Violation is referring to memory access, meaning that some variable is attempting to reference a memory location that is not valid.

    These exceptions are almost always programming errors [usually of the "Oops, I didn't initilize my pointer variable properly" type...]. I would guess its a pogo problem if anything...
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