Antec case/psu combo vs seperate options?

Good afternoon!

Currently building a new rig for my wife - won't get into most parts as it's similar in use and budget to many of the fine threads on the Systems forum. I've been spending a lot of time reading there, but wanted to ask a quick question I have not really seen answered elsewhere.

Discussing components, a friend of mine highly recommended the Antec 183 (v3) case paired with the Antec CP-850 PSU. He claims he's had no trouble with installation or power and that his computer runs very quiet.

Reviews of these units seem generally favorable, but I almost never see them recommended (JackNaylorPE being the exception, this forum user seems to like them). I'm wondering why this is? Best guess is that this PSU is a custom form factor to go in Antec cases like the 183. That might cramp transplanting options and explain why a PSU like the CP-850 never gets the recommendation for a Corsair (etc) case. Could also be that it's a great combination but a lot of users just haven't worked with it because they're a package deal.

Anyone with knowledge of this unit and its competition have an opinion to share? As always, thanks to the knowledgeable forumgoers of TH for all the information and entertainment over the years!
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  1. thats the only reason and its great value but the compatibility with other cases is the biggest problem and a power supply tends to be used longer and with various builds in its life time and you are screwed if you want a new case

    this is the alternative based on value
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