Strange issue with CPU Stab 6.0


I was running cpu stability test version 6.0 (by Jouni Vuorio)

After running it for nearly a day (22hrs+), and checking it periodically, I noticed the way it was running changed. Most of the numbers had stopped updating, or perhaps were updating very slowly.

Most importantly, using windows task manager, I checked to see how much of the cpu was being used. Normally this program caused my cpu usage to stay at 100%, but now it was fluctuating at below 10%. It seemed like maybe a program glitch and not a crash, but I don't know. The Q and A for the program just says "Q: How do I know if my computer is stable? A: If it crashes while testing it is not." But it's hard to know if this was a crash or not.

Is this a known issue, or does this mean there's something wrong with my computer?
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  1. If your pc didnot crash or BSOD during that entire time then you can relax.Your system is quite stable.How about running prime95 or playing games?
  2. Wow really? Thanks so much for your input. I want to believe you, but I'm curious where your confidence comes from. It seemed like a very suspicious glitch with cpu stab.

    I have been able to repeat this result again, and it seemed to happen again after about 22 hours. If you're right, then it would be good for others to know if this is a glitch with CPU stab and not with their computer.

    Yes I've run Prime 95 for a total of about 40 hours, maybe only ever 12 hours at a time though. I ran the Crysis demo for an hour (on low settings because this is just an office/htpc with no discrete video). I've also ran TF2, both with no problems.

    I wouldn't have been so concerned, but I bought my cpu of eBay, and it was an oem version, so I'm pretty certain it wouldn't be covered by any AMD warranty. He seemed like a reputable seller, but I didn't want to take any chances. It was a very good price. 64 dollars including shipping for an Athlon X3 405E. All my other components are new, and I purposely chose components which are reputed to be more reliable. I want this computer to be able to stay on all the time for years, and not worry too much.
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