Unsupported cpu on mobo?

im trying to find good prices on phenom 945s but that seems non existent. even ebay rarely has those processors. so im thinking my next bet is to get a 955. however my mobo cpu support list only lists up to the 945. what happens if i drop in something greater than that?

got an asus m2nsli deluxe. cpu support list here:
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  1. i figured thats the case. i dont want to do any upgrades as that mean ill have to change out my ram, etc. trying to keep costs low. but i figure i can get a crossfire mobo (instead of the sli one i have) that is comparable to the current one i have but one that can support a cheaper, more current processor like the 955 or above.
  2. only if newegg gets it back in stock. current prices equal that of more current processors! ick.
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