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Guys after so many days i have saved up some funds and now i am thinking to finally upgrade from this 8400GS *** to a Sapphire HD 5670 512MB , but as i thought forward things came hammering to me
my system specs
INTEL Prentium D 925 3.00GHZ 4MB l2 Catche memory Processor
INTEL D945GCNL Motherboard
Trancend 2GB DDR2 800MHZ Ram
Segate 160GB HDD
XTECH [ Local ] 400w Psu with 14amps at +12v rail
a Acer V203H monitor ...

im just concerned about two things

weather my PSU will runn that card coz 14amps at 12v rail seems like a danger sign as some guys told me
but some told me that it could even runn like charm but still with the confusion in my hands
i posted here so that to get a conformation BANG and then upgrade to a better GPU or GPU+PSU as well

Thanks In Advance For ur reply's
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  1. it may work, But TBQH you need a full upgrade.
  2. i know i need a upgrade , but still i just wanna play games upcoming and the ones iv left without any lag ... ill most probably play in decent resolutions like 1280x900 2x or 4xAA as per the games performance ....
  3. anyone ???
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