460 GTX bottlenecking

I have a 768 MB 460 GTX (mildly OCed) with an e8200 (dual core 2.7 GHz with 8x FSB multiplier), 2 GB DDR2 and a cheap G41 board (whose FSB wall combined with the low CPU multiplier prevents me from OCing the CPU more than about 100 MHz). I am running at 1440x900 (the native resolution of my monitor). I am running Windows XP.

To what extent am I being bottlenecked? Crysis and ARMA 2 run terribly (averaging about 25 FPS with medium settings) but I think this is mainly due to the CPU (and maybe the RAM to some extent).
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  1. Yeah, the issue is the processor. The GTX 460 is overkill for your resolution so the strain is going to be on the CPU and a dual core at 2.7ghz ain't that great these days. Have you considered replacing the motherboard if it is really that poor for overclocking? With a decent motherboard and cooler that processor should get up near 4ghz and that should cost you less than $100.
  2. Quote:
    The GTX 460 is overkill for your resolution

    for crysis it's not.
  3. Yeah, for Crysis or Metro it wouldn't overkill, but overall GTX460 is an overkill for 1440x900 resolution. Low resolution is more CPU demanding, so OC the cpu a little bit should help a lot...
  4. wh3resmycar said:
    for crysis it's not.
    True, but he did say medium settings and it should handle that easily.
  5. i believe what the op meant by that is that he's getting 25fps only albeit the medium detail settings professing dissatisfaction.

    and i don't believe anybody who bought a gtx460 has a clear intention of playing a game and stick the detail settings to medium.
  6. Try overclocking your processor. The E7x00 series overclocks great and you can hit near 4.0GHz with a good air cooler.

    Another overclock could be your RAM - add 2GB more.
  7. ^ he already did.

    i suggest that he should find the cheapest msi/gigabyte/asus/ p45 around, that should oc better than cheap g41 (i have a feeling that's an ecs, my e5200 on a ecs g31 can barely hit a 100mhz oc as well)
  8. wh3resmycar said:
    for crysis it's not.

    Don't forget Gothic 4, at 1280x1024 the GPU load is at 100% and the cpu isn't far behind. :o
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