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    Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB
    Change the HDD to a Spinpoint F3 1 TB ~ 69.99
  2. The Spinpoint F3 is just a 3Gb/s drive and the black caviar is a 6Gb/s and has double the cache. So, why the Spinpoint when the caviar is only $20 more?
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    ^ HDD -
    SATA 6GB/s vs SATA 3GB/s has little or no effect on mechanical HDDs(they have yet to saturate the SATA 3GB/s bandwidth and the SATA 6GB/s is just a marketing gimmick by companies) As for the cache, even though the Samsung has 1/2 the cache, but in terms of performance it is as good or in some cases better...

    Some suggestions for the build...
    Check these

    CASE - After rebates, it is actually cheaper

    Video card - If you like Lifetime limited warranty

    Rest are good...
  4. Is this gigabyte motherboard compatible with the ram i already picked?
  5. ^ I dont see any reason why it shouldnt...Check the customer reviews, many people have reported it successfully working with that board...
  6. Thank You very much!
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