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I'm making my first attempt at upgrading my motherboard. I installing a Biostar TZ68A+, a i5-2500k, and 8gb of ddr3-1600 memory. I'm trying to make use of my old case, hard drives, dvd-rom, and GPU (4850).

I tried to be very detailed in installing the processor and hooking everything up, and thought I had done a pretty thorough job. The only hiccup I encountered was the DVD-Rom, which is an old unit with an IDE hookup. It looks like I need to upgrade this to a SATA drive, but please advise if this is not true.

Without a DVD-drive to use the install CD, I took a chance and tried to fire this up. Everything turned on without anything blowing up or burning (some success!), but I got nothing up on my screen. Internally, there was an LED light that was lit. Per the manual, this reads "VGA error." Not sure how to troubleshoot this. I have emailed Biostar's customer service, and await their reply, but hope to see if there is any wisdom to be found here.

I have tried to hook up my monitor to be both the GPU and the motherboard's connection. I have the board hooked into the PCI-E x16 slot, but there is an x4 and an x1 slot if I need to use one of those instead.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot?

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  1. Try checking all the connections and reseating the hardware, something may have come loose.
    Have you installed mobo speaker? There could be beep codes.

    Try following these steps
  2. Thanks. That helped. I went through one of the checklists. It turned out that I had the two memory sticks in the wrong slots. I reread that instruction manual, and still think it was just pointing the wrong direction, but then again I was describing the wrong light, so I may be just misreading the whole thing.

    Everything fired up and most of the drivers installed correctly. The main problem I'm having now is that it says there is no network driver installed, so I don't have internet access. I'm plugging into the ethernet slot on the board, which says it is 10/100/1000, so I assume that means it should be internet capable. I've transferred the drivers over via USB and run the setup disc, but it doesn't contain anything like a new network driver, nor do I see one on the biostar website.

    Any suggestions on how to get internet access? Once I get on there, I feel like I can get the rest of the drivers up and running.

    Thanks again.
  3. Go to BIOSTAR website, MB type the model the it show you the different hardware drivers needed fo this MB, then download it and run the driver and it needs to restart.
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