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If we want to play crisis in low setting such 1074x768 with low details @ of 60 FPS, which graphic card is bare minimum for a common PC with 3.0 Ghz dual core processor, 500 PSU and 2 GB Ram.

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  1. Anything above 25 FPS is considered good for Crysis.For that you'll need a GTS 250 at that resolution.You can pay at high settings with it at 25 fps at 1024x768.
  2. At the lowest settings, you can go much lower on the graphics card with your resolution. Look at this benchmark:,2383-4.html

    Even a 8800GT can handle high settings at your resolution. There are AGP and PCI cards getting enough performance for low settings on that first benchmark. I didn't spend too much time searching, but I'd say a 250 would work by what I did find. Even a 220 would likely be enough for low settings. Keep in mind that your CPU also has an effect.

    You may be different than me, but in no way shape or form, would I consider 25 FPS playable. Playable FPS is 40+ for me and many people I know. With anything lower, a great deal of people get motion sickness.
  3. he wants to play in 1024x768 means my guess is his monitor doesn't support more.
    for crysis at 1024x768, 8800 will be great.
  4. Quote:
    ^playing crysis at 30flps equals playing other games at 40 to 50flps.

    You might get 30 fps when you get 40-50 fps in other games, but I get the same motion sickness in Crysis at 30 fps.

    I do remember playing it at 30 fps, and feeling sick taking breaks every 30 mins so I could see all the visuals, but it was not something I'd do again.
  5. I also suggest a 5770
  6. 1. What PSU?

    2. What CPU?
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