Accidental wrong order, what to do?

I recently came to these forums and asked about buying parts for a cheap PC, and was answered by a couple of users pretty soon with a solution. I was looking for a PC around $300 with no monitor, keyboard or mouse. One guy gave me this build:






TOTAL: 302$

Perfect for my needs, cheap yet relatively powerful. Everything seemed to check out, everything was compatible, so I placed the order a few hours ago. Just now I was looking over the pictures of the motherboard, and to my horror realized it only supported DDR2 memory, and I had gotten DDR3 memory.

So, my question is, what's the cheapest way to remedy this. Should I change the memory, or the motherboard? Considering that the motherboard had a combo discount, I'm leaning towards the memory. Help?
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  1. which CPU is it? combo link is no more active.
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