Crossfire Heating issues

Hi guys

I run 2 x 4890 ATI Cards. My problem is that they overheat and then my PC freezes

If I buy a big coolermaster case (currently I have a small Smilodon case case) and seperate the cards (As they are next to each other now), will this make a difference? If so, how big a difference?
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  1. That would make a real big difference. The thing is that a case with good airflow will help keep the cards cool. Install some extra fans to get more cool air in the case. But the card alignment would more or depend on the placement of the x16 slots on the motherboards. But yes, a CF/SLI on a small case is trouble!
    What is your budget for the case?
  2. USD200
  3. Thanks.

    Say, what is hot?

    80 degrees?

    When in idle my screencards are 65 degrees already....
  4. Well with that you can get cool cases from any brand!
    I would chose the HAF-X or the Antec 1200 case.

    Check out Lian Li cases. They are awesome too.
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