Video Card under $50?

What is the best video card i can get for $50 or under. Im not really a game person but i feel that my integrated graphics (Radeon 2100) are really slowing down my machine. Any advice?
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  1. HD4650 is the only card i can think of that would fit your budget. Other option would be the HD5570 at around $75.
  2. This 9600GSO:
    for $35 after MIR
    Do note it is a DDR2 card. But it is significantly faster than pretty much all of the other cards at that price point.
  3. If you live near a microcenter.

    Radeon HD 4650 512MB DDR2 for $50

    GeForce 9500GT 512MB DDR2 for $48 - $25 rebate = $22

    The 9500 is certainly a better deal if you don't mind the hassle of a rebate, but the 4650 is more powerful by a significant margin.

    The 9600 GSO should be a bit better than an HD 4650, but with shipping it comes out to $72 - $30 rebate = $42. Probably the best <$50 card you can find, but if you don't like rebates then the price is pretty high compared to your other options.

    Also if you're really not worried about games, the 9500 GT should be just fine. It'll require the least amount of power too.
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