Can you hack into a VoiP line?

When I make a call from my VoiP line, the number that shows up on the caller ID of the person I am calling is not my number.
Can or has someone possibly hacked my VoiP line or computer?
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  1. Could a VoIP system be hacked? Absolutely. Does that mean yours was? Probably not. I'd contact whoever set it up to make sure it's configured properly... it's probably just a config issue.
  2. I have tried that. My service is Vonage. They placed a "de-bugging device" on my line for 24hrs. Which obviously has not resolved the issue. I am still using the original Linksys router they sent back in 02ish (if I recall). I have never had any issues, until recently. I will invest in a new router for my service, see if that doesn't resolve the issue.
    Thank you for your help :))
  3. Well most probably your VoIP service doesn't show your true number. Call them and ask about it. I don't think your VoIP is hacked.
  4. I contacted them again. The tech support rep I spoke to was more fourth-coming with information than the first experience. I was told that I was not the only customer with the issue and that it had been a "glitch" :sarcastic: on their end.
    I ultimately opted for a number change and thus far has resolved the issue. :hello:
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