Urgent PSU help needed

Hey guys, I'm having a major problem with my Pc

I've been getting a burning smell coming from my pc, (the PSU to be precise)

Today, It got really bad so i turned it off and as I did so, smoke poured from the back of the psu.

Upon opening the PC I noticed these little balls of plastic hanging from my psu vent as shown.

Can somebody give me an idea of whats going on here?

Thanks John.

(This wasn't it hanging, it was just hanging like this)
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  1. Sounds like it may be time to replace it. Is it old, or low quality...if not, send it in for warranty repair. If you open it, you can probably see if something has fried. I've had a couple of PSUs go bad in the past, and I know the burnt electrical smell, but I never really got the smoking.
  2. It's a 400w (probably low quality) its a factory built Packard Bell, I haven't been able to fix it up myself, simply down to budget. it's trying to run a 9800gt.

    I tried giving it a clean with some air duster but it hasn't seemed to help. Warranty repair won't fitter a better PSU will they? they can only fir the standard PSU again am i correct?

    i'm competent in fitting hardware like a PSU, Its just budget why I'm having to rely on warranty.
  3. Packard Bell is not known for their quality PSUs. You may have over stressed it with the 9800GT. As far a warranty is concerned, if it is still under warranty, they will replace it with the same(or as close as they can come) unit. Remember, once you let out the magic blue smoke, the component usually quits working....
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