Is my psu dieing

here is a screenshot when i was doing a stree test on my new system.

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  1. So what makes you think your PSU is dying? If it is the readings in the Intel tuning utility then it reports your CPU at 5.3GHz.
  2. Quote:
    can't see the pic but is he bragging with a unstable overclock?

    CPU-Z is showing 3.4 GHz the Intel utility 5.3 GHz and voltages a little off? It is a crowded screen shot!
  3. i am using 750w OCZ Fatallity series and my 12v and 3.3v are running at 1.25v and 1.5vs. I belive they should be running at 12vs and 3.3vs. Yes its the readings in intel tune untility. what do you mean bsod?
  4. i can take another picture if you guys want me to?
  5. BSOD = Blue Screen Of Death!
    I think the voltage readings are off, check in BIOS or with a multimeter. Ram runs from the 3.3volts and that low you would have issues, 12volt that low the computer would not turn on.
  6. I havent had any problems with my computer. I have done a 24 hour stress test at that speed. I belive the program is reading the vots wrong. My ram takes 1.5vs each
  7. The voltages are being read wrong. ignore it. for real, the system would not even run with the 12 volt rail under about 10 volts. @ 1.5 the hard drive would not even spin.

    dont feel bad, hwmon shows my 12 volt @ 0.96 as we speak(err type)
  8. Quote:
    can't see the pic but is he bragging with a unstable overclock?

    The computer is stable running 5.3GHz with HT on. I belive my psu unit is going out the door becuase in bios the same reading are being seen.
    Here is my specs CPU: Intel I7-2600k, 4.1GHz, 8MB L3 cache
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4 Socket 1155

    Video Card: EVGA GTX460 768MB GDDR5

    Ram: 4x 2GB OCZ Reaper HPC DDR 3 PC3-12600 1600MHz 7-7-716

    PUS: OCZ Fatal1ty 750W

    Case: Cooler Master Strom Scout
  9. Quote:
    see if you posted your specs earlier I could told you to go here

    Download the latest one on the list that doesn't have the (no pll override) next to it.

    sorry but they dont have my motherboard bios version on that list with no pll override
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