AMD Phenom ii x2 Unlocked (b55), with odd results (please help)

Hi I seem to be having some problems with my Nvidia card as a result of unlocking the two additional cores on the phenom ii x2 555. Here are the specs of the related components.

phenom ii x2 555 (now x4 b55)
nvidia gtx 460
Asrock M3A770DE

The unlock went perfectly well, I was verrrry excited to see that there was no malfunction on the restart or in performance following the action. The problems began when I decided to update my windows performance score. Apparently a driver was corrupted during the test. Following the test, programs were loading okay, slower than expected, but okay. COD black ops and Darkspore beta were both afflicted with multiple artifacts, even at the loading screen. CPU temp was fine, but I had changed the voltage from 1.2750 to 1.3125.

Keep in mind the only change I made in the bios was setting ACC to Auto.

Following the artifacts problem, I noticed that on restart my CPU was being overclocked, every time. My bios previously set the _x cpu value automatically to fit the needs of programs being run, but now it was stuck at x16. I disabled the 2 cores and rebooted. Still, the value was set at x16 on startup, and the artifacts remained.

I manually set the cpu value to x4 and that's okay, but it will not raise automatically to accommodate programs now. Next I entered safe mode and uninstalled all of my Nvidia drivers because the artifacts problem hadn't ceased.

I then attempted to download the Nvidia drivers, only to find that my system is no longer supported - essentially Nvidia's smart scan is not identifying my computer as running windows 7 OS. My questions are:

How can I make Nvidia recognize my OS again?

How can I restore my BIOS to automatically set the CPU _x value to fit processing needs? (I tried resetting defaults, didn't work).

I really hope someone can help me out here, I just recieved this computer yesterday and spent 600$ building it.
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  1. Wait, so are you saying that your CPU core voltage is 2.75v!?!?!?! If true than your CPU will die VERY soon! Please list all the voltages your motherboard BIOS shows.

    Did you run Prime95 to make sure that your CPU was stable after the unlock. Some AMD CPUs had cores deactivated for a reason, because they don't work properly.

    It's possible that your additional cores were defective and corrupted key files as a result.

    I would also run a hard drive monitoring program to see if your hard drive has reported any bad sectors or other abnormalities that could point to a hard drive problem corrupting data.

    Edit: Ok, 1.275v and 1.3125v make ALOT more sense. lol
  2. First and foremost, that processor has a max voltage of 1.5 and being a c3 revision it can reach quite high speeds at stock 1.4 If your processor is still alive at 2.75v (which I doubt), then I'm gonna eat my pants. My guess is something may be off with your motherboard sensor.

    I have the same motherboard and CPU on one rig in the house and i've noticed it has a tendency to show wacky voltage readings on the CPU using the ASrock tool and CPU-Z/HWmonitor (usually about .02 higher than it really is, according to BIOS). But it definitely should not be doing the wacky things you're describing.

    My suggestion is that you turn ACC off and format the drive thoroughly. Nvidia not recognizing your OS doesn't make much sense whatsoever, regardless of your CPU acting up. Manually set the voltage to 1.375-1.4, the stock clocks (3200) and reinstall windows. Also, be sure to check your other voltages/amps in your BIOS to make sure they're not all wacky as well. You may have a defecting mobo or PSU, or even both.

    When I unlocked the CPU I didn't need a voltage bump at all to get the cores working, but mine had 4 viable cores (up to 3.9ghz). Some of the phenom ii 555's required a bit of a voltage jump to get all 4 cores working (1.425-1.44), but if you have to set the voltage to 1.45 or higher than you probably have only 2 viable cores.

    EDIT: ah, you had a typo... a very significant typo.

    Put the vcore to 1.4 and reformat the drive. Then reinstall the drivers and see what happens.
  3. Downloaded prime95 and I'm running a stress test not sure what to do with that program though.

    Sorry about the voltage, typographical error!

    Is it looking like I'll have to reinstall the OS? I honestly don't believe the cores I unlocked are faulty, nothing seems to be going wrong with the computer.... perhaps if I reinstalled the OS while having the cores unlocked I may be able to work it out?

    Thank you Pelov and I apologize for the typo. I'm not sure how the files got corrupted but apparently something is wrong with my OS. I'll just reformat with the 2 cores unlocked (I didn't need to raise the voltage, I raised it to 1.3~ prior to the unlock to have a better chance of it working) and see if that works.

    As far as I can tell my BIOS settings were messed up somewhere in the process and my video card's drivers were definitely affected.....

    So reformat it is?
  4. That shouldn't matter, the OS will recognize the "new" CPU as a phenom II B55 with a 3.2 clock -- assuming you haven't overclocked it.

    download AMD overdrive and the ASrock OC tuner. Chances are AMD overdrive won't report the proper temperatures, whereas HWmonitor and ASrock OC tuner will. I'd suggest running the HWmonitor alongside of prime95 stress test to keep an eye on the temperatures and see how much voltage/watts your CPU is chewing up.

    If you're having issues with windows I'd suggest a format. If you can find the nvidia drivers link without going through their stupid QnA page then try that. Just google the latest drivers for win7 64bit and you should get a link to the download. If the drivers won't install properly then I'd go for a format. Check that your voltage is set correctly for the video card as well.

    Is it a new video card? and what's the problem with it exactly? HWmonitor will also keep an eye on your videocard temperatures. To properly test that you can just run a newer game for about 30 minutes to an hour and then exit it, check the max temperatures in HWmonitor and so long as it doesn't go above 70C you're golden.
  5. I have ASrock OC tuner and that's where I'm getting my temp info etc. I don't think I have AMD overdrive.

    I never touched the video card voltage or any other voltage settings, only the CPU voltage.

    I downloaded the Nvidia drivers and they were found non-compatible during the install. What is the most efficient way to format? I really think the main issue here is something in windows.

    You can format thru the win7 install disk/process itself.
  7. Thank you very much for all your help! I'll let you know how it works out
  8. Did you use the clear cmos jumper on your board
  9. OKAY update: The problem was DEFINITELY some corrupted windows files, that resulted from me tinkering with my CPU settings way more than I should have been.

    I reinstalled windows and have SUCCESSFULLY installed the Nvidia video drivers! :)

    I am now running a Phenom ii X4 B55 without any problems. Thanks for all the help Pelov (mostly calming me down heh)

    Lesson learned - Don't touch voltage, don't touch BIOS
  10. ----------- spoke too soon ---------------

    Still insane artifacts, worse than ever

    Video card must be shot.
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