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Hi guys, can someone outline the world of intel for me please? I'm a bit confuzzled. I understand the AMD world AM2 AM3 etc, but the intel world is foreign territory for me. Contemplating a new build PC in the new year, wondering about the best intel setup. Will use an Asus motherboard as impressed by their products and like them generally. New motherboard will need to have latest intel socket, two PCI slots for when I have two 580s in SLI, and a normal PCI slot for my sound card.

I would prefer to use 8GB of Corsair ram, can you advise which would be best thanks. Can you also advise on the best processor and intel chipset to match it with thanks.
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  1. First decide on which CPU you are gonna get. I would be guessing that it would be the latest i3/i5/i7. Then this guide would give you good idea:

    Read the first and then the second and understand what you need.
  2. Thanks. Looks like I need a P67 then. Thanks.
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